Southern Cross - SoCro

The first Australian RWB by Akira Nakai



RWB Volume 2 - Life After Rebirth


Who are we?

Follow us as we take you through a journey to grass roots racing in Japan.


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From Southern Cross to IDLERS. We made a short film on RWB - only in cinemas


Kodachi 小太刀

First RWB in Queensland


Chigiri 契り

RWB 993 for the streets of Melbourne


Why “frequent driver”?

30 years ago, we keep both our hands on the steering wheel as it was difficult to drive a car and it was harder to stop. We practice more care during walking and driving than having an eye on our mobile phones perpetually. It is ironic too the ancient rule book was written when no mobile phones were around, had remained.

To throw a spanner in the works, our Australian motor industry is dying a painful death, suffering from a brain drain of talent to top automobile makers worldwide. We cannot make cars that suit our climate and lifestyle anymore in two years time.

Therefore, we firmly believe the ONLY HOPE for a local manufacturing revival lies in the hands of our tuners, enthusiasts and our race teams big and small. By starting small, we grow together as SoCro was built by at least ten Australian trades with the legendary Nakai-san from Japan.

Hence, we the car people, are not dead yet. If the rules were updated to match and be a touch more understanding, we would even have a better chance of survival. The “frequent driver” kangaroo parody of our last national carrier strikes a chord amongst the car-crazy. We just want to get behind the wheel and drive.

We’ve made a film on the annual 12-hour endurance race in Japan and the founding of RWB Australia – just for the fans. Premieres MARCH 2017

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Ordering your RWB

Let us take you through the process to build one with Nakai-san in Australia